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Dear CBT Direct:
I recently completed CBT Directís CCNA course and am taking my test soon. The course contained a lot of information. The notes, Internet resources, and online live help made it very easy to study the course material.
This was a very good learning experience. Passing the CCNA exam will be the ultimate!
Thank You,
Ed Perez

Cisco CCNP Course
I have just passed my first CCNP Exam (Routing) after using the CBT course from CBT Direct. It was a tough exam but I passed with a score of 863.
The training material was easy to use. Like the MCSE course I bought from CBT Direct, the format of diagrams, text and questions in the CCNP course made the process of learning and understanding the subject easier than studying with a book. Plus, the course wasn't as expensive or as time consuming as instructor-led training. I would recommend CBT Direct's courses to anyone wishing to study technical subjects.
My contact at CBT Direct was extremely helpful when I called to find out about the course. He made it possible for me to purchase the course in easy payments without stretching my cash flow. He was able to answer all the queries I had and took a genuine interest in what I was trying to achieve and how best to do it.
Thanks for your help and understanding.
Stuart Rainbow, MCSE, CCNA

Cisco CCNA Course
I just wanted to congratulate CBT Direct on an excellent job done on their CCNA course. I would highly recommend any of CBT Directís courses to anyone who is looking to expand their IT career. I would also like to thank all of the on-line mentors at CBT Direct who did an excellent job mentoring me while I was preparing for my CCNA certification. I passed with flying colors!
Shams Ali

MCSE and Cisco CCNA Courses
I still have two courses to go on the software package I purchased from CBT Direct , but I've achieved the primary objective already - MCSE and CCNA certification. CBT Direct was directly responsible for my attaining MCSE 2000 and CCNA certification. You can't say much more about a company than that!
It has always been a pleasure doing business with you. Take care and good luck.
Michael P. Schabowski, MCSE, CCNA


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