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I took the CBT training classes online last year. I found it to be very easy to understand and follow. If there was something that I did not understand, it was easy to go back and go over it. I'm now in a job making 60K a year and am having the time of my life. Although I work long hours, I am making two times the money I was last year. This is worth the time and money.
John Matthew Neville

I just wanted to tell you how excellent your training program has worked for me. Since buying in to the program, I have used the materials to prepare for my CompTIA Network+ certification and was literally shocked to find that the training your company has provided enabled me to easily pass the Network+ test. The test prep, after taking the course, was nearly identical to what I experienced when taking the test "for real". I am currently engaged in the Security+ training and feel confident about passing that test as well (which I expect to take soon). Thanks again for encouraging me to take this route along my career path as I truly believe my "net worth" will be enhanced as a result. Please feel free to use my comments here to let others who might be considering taking any of your courses know that I highly recommend the program.
Mark Stephens

I want to thank you for your assistance in getting my A+ certification. The training course was very helpful in concentrating me on the areas I needed to cover. I found the course and the process very easy, even learning some new techniques that have helped my home business. I scored an 842 on the essentials exam and a 790 on the practical application exam on December 13th just beating the deadline for lifetime certification.

Thanks again CBT.

“I just wanted to say thank you for your help in getting me started on my path to learning! I felt like I was talking with a long known counselor right away in our initial discussion. I have looked into several avenues for IT certifications and have never had anyone who spent as much time delving into what I was trying to accomplish.

You seem to honestly care about my success and making sure that the courses you helped me choose would best address my needs. Then, to receive a follow-up call on the second business day after my enrollment was amazing!

I truly feel that you feel "invested" in my learning experience. You have helped me feel very confident about something that was a scary step for me to take. I feel confident that my experience with CBT will be a great one due mostly to my favorable impression of your training advisor. I am currently employed as a State Operations Manager where I supervise not only people's technical expertise but also their "people skills" and their ability to make our clients feel like we are there to help them. I feel qualified to say that I can recognize when someone is good at this, and you are excellent!
Thank you!”
Yvonne Prince

PMP training
“I would like to take a moment and give accolades to CBT Direct. I enrolled in the PMP training course because of the advice that I got from your staff about my career development goals. The same day that I enrolled in the course I also applied for a much higher position within the company that I work for. The fact that I had enrolled in the PMP course opened the door for the interview that led to my promotion to the higher position. The information and advice I received was totally relevant and led to a significant income increase that has more than paid for the course. Thank You!

I have also compared the course curriculum to that of other programs that some of my peers have taken and the CBT Direct curriculum is without a doubt superior”.
Tim Goodale

I have great news. I passed the 70-218 MCSA certification exam. Thanks for all the support you provided.
Raymond Lee Gregowicz
MCSA Certified

Thanks for MCSD Course
I started the MCSD course from CBT Direct in October 2002 and took my last test just two months later. I passed with a score of 890! Before studying with CBT Direct's course, I barely passed the VB Distributed exam, failed the VB Desktop exam twice, failed the SQL 2000 exam and didn't even take the VB Solutions exam. I didn't think I could continue to pursue certification after those attempts! Your course gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to pass all of my certification exams.
Thank You,
Ray Harrison
Harrison Computer Technology

Visual Basics Course
I recently passed the Visual Basics Desktop Applications exams with a score of 100 percent. I never expected this in my dreams! CBT Direct's course was well organized and easy to follow. The online help and mentoring made everything so easy! All of my study questions were answered within 24-hours. The test prep exams prepared me for the real exam questions! Your course gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to pass the certification exams.
Aruna Pandey

Excellent MCSE Courseware
I knew that if I had the proper educational tools I could reach my goals. CBT Direct supplied me with excellent courseware and access to mentors 24-hours-a-day. I worked hard and went through the courses in no time, and got CompTIA A+ and MCSE certified. In a matter of weeks I had landed an excellent position as an IT support specialist and began my new and exciting career. If you put forth the effort, CBT Direct can help you reach your goals too!
Gilbert Weeks, MCSE, CompTIA A+ Certified Professional

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Cisco CCNP Course
I have just passed my first CCNP Exam (Routing) after using the CBT course from CBT Direct. It was a tough exam but I passed with a score of 863.
The training material was easy to use. Like the MCSE course I bought from CBT Direct, the format of diagrams, text and questions in the CCNP course made the process of learning and understanding the subject easier than studying with a book. Plus, the course wasn't as expensive or as time consuming as instructor-led training. I would recommend CBT Direct's courses to anyone wishing to study technical subjects.
My contact at CBT Direct was extremely helpful when I called to find out about the course. He made it possible for me to purchase the course in easy payments without stretching my cash flow. He was able to answer all the queries I had and took a genuine interest in what I was trying to achieve and how best to do it.
Thanks for your help and understanding.
Stuart Rainbowm, MCSE, ACA, CCNA

MCSE and Cisco CCNA Courses
Since completing my CCNA using CBT Direct’s training I feel very confident sitting in front of networking equipment. This has been a great learning experience for me and I can’t wait to get more knowledge from CBT Direct.
Dave Schmeltz
Bunker Hill, WV.

I still have two courses to go on the software package I purchased from CBT Direct, but I've achieved the primary objective already - MCSE and CCNA certification. CBT Direct was directly responsible for my attaining MCSE 2000 and CCNA certification. You can't say much more about a company than that!
It has always been a pleasure doing business with you. Take care and good luck.
Michael P. Schabowski, MCSE, CCNA

Cisco CCNA Course
I just wanted to congratulate CBT Direct on an excellent job done on their CCNA course. I would highly recommend any of CBT Direct’s courses to anyone who is looking to expand their IT career. I would also like to thank all of the on-line mentors at CBT Direct who did an excellent job mentoring me while I was preparing for my CCNA certification. I passed with flying colors!
Shams Ali

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"I used CBT Direct to study for my A+ certification and found the website, tools and mentors to be extremely helpful. I passed both the A+ Essentials and A+ Practical Application test on the first try after studying online for about 3 weeks. The training advisor - my mentor - was very helpful, friendly and easy to work with. I highly recommend CBT Direct if you are considering getting any kind of IT/IS certification!"

Ryan Clark

“I have been playing around with the A+ certification training when I had the time. It is really nice that it is all at your own pace since I travel a lot in the work I do and cannot necessarily commit to being online at a certain time everyday.

My favorite part of the course is that it does a ‘check-on learning’ throughout the course, asking you one or two questions here and there. Then, at the end of each lesson, it has an exam that you can take to test your knowledge. This lets you know where you stand and whether or not you need to go over some of the material a second or third time. There is only so much you can accomplish by reading a book cover to cover. You never really know where you stand until you get to take a test that is at least similar to the test you’ll be taking to earn your certification. This course leaves little to no doubt in my mind where I stand on my A+ certification and seeing as how it was everything CBT Direct promised it would be, I have confidence that the rest of the courses I take through CBT Direct will also be satisfactory.”

Very Respectfully,
Brandon Breckenridge

"I used CBT Direct for my A+ Essentials and A+ IT exams. I found their program to be well-structured and easy to follow. The CBT Direct staff and mentors were a great asset and they all went out of their way to assist me in my studying objectives. I highly recommend them to anyone considering self-study. If you’re motivated, follow the course outline and do the work, you will succeed.”

Dan Corrieri

CBT Direct has been THE amazing solution to completing my certifications goals. I have used several different certification products before but none have compared to CBT Direct. I've been using CBT Direct for less than three months, and I am just one week away from acquiring my second CompTIA certification! Their products and services have made a believer out of me. For years I have looked for training that made it easy to study...and now, I've finally found it. On top of that, the sales and technical support staff have been very courteous, informative and attentive to my needs from day one. I could not imagine where I would be today in my studies if I had not received that first call from CBT Direct. Guys, for real, you had me at “Hello”.
Thanks so much.

Evans Swinson

To my Training Advisor at CBT Direct:

Please let me take this first opportunity to thank you personally for going out of your way to help me reach my education and career goals. I was, to say the least, shocked to get a call from CBT Direct after just taking the CompTIA A+ proficiency exam out of sheer curiosity. I had simply thought that it would be a good starting point for seeking out IT courses and educating myself to take the exam for a career change. Never in a million years had I thought that I would get a follow-up call from a company who almost seemed to care more about bettering myself than I did!

After 20 minutes of your time, you not only opened my eyes as to how and where to find the right training, but you also showed me exactly what I needed to advance in my career and let me know just how sought after my qualifications would be. As far as CBT Direct's support goes, you cannot put a price on a 24/7, 365-day mentoring service that comes with CBT Direct's training.

After careful examination of the other forms of training available and even ones that make similar claims, one thing becomes painfully clear. Your phrase "you get what you pay for" is practically an understatement. In the first hour of my CompTIA A+ course, I learned more than I have ever been able to pick up from several of the people I work with that are "certified" through our company. And with all do respect to the educations they may have received, if those are the only results of what they consider "money well spent", then my money will be much better spent indeed with CBT Direct.

CBT Direct will be getting ALL of my business because not only do I intend to make CBT Direct the single source for all of MY IT training needs, but I will recommend CBT Direct to everyone that requests info from me about how I received my certifications. CBT Direct is hands down, bar none, THE BEST example of what business should be these days: affordable, 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed and 24/7 customer service that ends only when the customer is satisfied, certified and out the door on their way to a better career.

Thank you again for all you have done for me, and I look forward to working with CBT Direct as I accomplish my goals and take my career to new heights - all thanks to CBT Direct!
Jason Arnold
Finning, Canada

I could not have done it without you! I am Network+ certified. I began the training two months ago and I passed the exam the very first time. Your courses offer the information, software simulations, and mentoring needed to master the skills needed for a better career.
Thanks again,
Gary Brownsword
Massillon, OH

I am enjoying the course, thus I truly wasted my money with APPDEV and QUICKCERT training programs. I have exponentially acquired technical knowledge from the CBT training program, and this course is the best!
Gregory Christian

CompTIA A+ Course
I recently completed the CompTIA A+ course, and wanted to take this opportunity to say how valuable I thought the entire program was. CBT Direct's course didn't skimp on any details! As a result, I passed every test the first time. I feel extremely proud! Achieving CompTIA A+ certification will undoubtedly enhance my resume and aid me in my job search. I can say with confidence that CBT Direct offers a top-notch training program.
Yahaya Balinda

CompTIA A+ Course
Thank you for helping me prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification exams. I took both the Hardware and Operating System exams this morning, and it only took me 15 minutes to complete both exams. The examiner said she had never seen both tests completed so quickly and with such high scores. I owe it to you guys! Thanks again for all your help.
Joshua Marsh

Train on Any Topic with CBT Direct's Course Library
I enrolled in the CBT Direct library of courses and in two months time, I had successfully passed the CompTIA A+, CompTIA Server+ and Network+ exams. I knew the CBT Direct course material would guarantee my certification because I had previously acquired my MCSE 2000 and CCNA with their help. I also knew that for me, it was the only affordable solution.
I can't say enough good things about all of the help I've been given and the technical excellence of the material itself. I continuously recommend it to novices trying to enter the field and IT professionals needing to upgrade their skills. The best thing I can say is, if you do the course you can do the job.
Again, my thanks.
Michael P. Schabowski

With CBT Direct, "If You Can Listen, You Can Learn!"
I have searched for a long time to find a way to get my A+ Certification without going to school for years. CBT Direct was my way to get what I needed and still keep my busy day-to-day schedule. It's so easy to learn with their program - if you can listen, you can learn! They are very friendly and their services are wonderful. If I had not found this company, I would still be struggling to get my A+ Certification on my own. Thank you so much, CBT Direct! I do not know where I’d be without you guys.
Thanks, again.
Larry M.

"I just wanted to tell you how excellent CBT Direct’s training program has been for me. Since buying the training, I have used the material to prepare for my CompTIA A+ certification and was literally shocked to find that CBT Direct's training enabled me to easily pass the A+ test. After taking the course, the test prep was identical to what I experienced when taking the test "for real". I am currently engaged in CBT Direct’s Network + training and feel very confident about passing that test as well (which I expect to take very soon). Thanks again for encouraging me to take this route along my career path as I truly believe my "net worth" will be enhanced as a result. Please feel free to use my comments here to let others who might be considering taking any of your courses know that I highly recommend CBT Direct’s online training."
Mark Stephens

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"What impresses me the most with CBT Direct is the tools (programs) that they give you. A person with a busy schedule can get some training and serious knowledge under their belt by dedicating about an hour and a half a day to their studies. Now I ask you, is an upgrade in your career/life worth that kind of time? I'd say so. Will two hours of TV give you this kind of reward? I don't think so.

The support from CBT Direct is top notch. Whenever I've had a question, I've received an answer quickly. And my Training Advisor has even given me great help on transforming my old bulky, boring resume to a lean, mean job-stealing machine.

So, I ask you, if you're thinking about training, do it. Send off the email, make the phone call and start upgrading your life."

Randy Noseworthy

"Thank you for working with me to get enrolled in this awesome online certification program! I appreciate how well the training advisors knew their stuff and how they got me on an awesome payment plan despite my income situation. I really feel like this is going to be a new beginning for me. I have always loved computers and have always wanted to get into the IT field but never even knew where to start. One night, having an interest in starting a computer repair business, I searched the topic and when I ran across your site, I decided to send in my info. Several other sites mentioned CBT Direct as a wonderful online program so I figured, Hey what do I have to lose by just sending in my name and number and getting a little information?

The very next morning I received a phone call from CBT Direct explaining the program and all they had to offer. We went over the details pretty quick, despite my faulty phone connection, and they got me set up to start my online training that very day. The training advisors were very considerate of my needs and, as aforementioned, got me on an awesome payment schedule. Thanks again for all you've done. I will definitely tell all of my friends about CBT Direct."
John Andrews

CBT Direct,
I would like to take the time to say thank you for helping me with the process of finding a program that is tailored to fit my situation. CBT Direct treated me with respect, dignity, and genuine concern for my educational needs.

I first became certified seven years ago in Microsoft and the schooling I received was less than beneficial. With CBT Direct's program I will be able to surpass any goal that I set and more, at a very affordable price.

The exam prep's and tutorials are by far the best I have ever seen and I have been in the business a long time. I wish I had this available to me years ago. The course provided is suitable for an experienced person like me or a novice with little time in this field.

You are thorough and kind and I appreciate all the doors that CBT Direct will open in my future. The staff is impeccable and again I THANK YOU!
Philip M. Workman Jr.

Training Strengthens Resume
Once I left the military, I quickly realized that employers these days are looking for people with certifications, not just experience. After looking around for a place with a comprehensive program and easy to use tools, I easily chose CBT Direct.

My sales rep gave me a good piece of advice: Let the employers know that you are taking part in CBT Direct’s online course by putting it on your resume. It lets the employers know you are actively improving yourself and shows that you have the drive to succeed. Within a month of following this advise, I received three job offers; one of which I accepted and am working at now. My thanks go to both my sales rep and CBT Direct. You guys Rock!
Justin Orgeron
Virginia Beach, VA

Multimedia Training Format Ideal
The multimedia presentation format is easy to understand and helps you retain the information because it’s visual learning, not just text. The training cuts through all the extraneous technical details and gives you what you need to know to understand the technology, do the job and pass the exam. This is a pleasant learning experience!
Angela Jeannice
Denham, LA.

A Wealth of Information
Thank you for all the information you provided me! I’m realizing how much more there is to learn. Now I’m discovering new applications that I never knew about. Thanks again and I will be in contact with you in the future.
Aurora Lavado
Corona, Ca.

High Quality, Low Cost Product
I am confident that CBT Direct has given me everything I need to succeed when I take the certification exams. I have to admit, I was surprised that I was able to find such a high quality product at a price that was affordable to me.
Anthony Surma

Great Tools and Mentoring
The CBT Direct training package I received was the best I ever used. I thought all the tools included with the courses were great-from the 24-hour mentoring to the in-depth information and the questions after every topic. Thanks to my sales representative and the entire staff at CBT Direct for assisting me in obtaining my Network+ certification.
Devaughn Miller
Network+ Certified

Simply Put…
I give CBT Direct and its staff two thumbs up!
Myron Davis

Excellent Way to Learn
I found CBT Direct’s courses an excellent way to learn. I’d say you have produced training that no other training company can beat. Thanks to CBT Direct, I got the skills I needed to land my current job!

I’ve already recommended the training to two of my fellow co-workers.
Peter Street

Training More Valuable Than Four Years of College
I’m contacting your company to announce I passed the certification exam! CBT Direct and its resources have helped me tremendously! I’ve learned more in a few weeks with your training than I ever learned in four years of college. Thanks for everything!
William Marshall

High-Quality Training
The quality of CBT Direct’s training is very high! I reviewed your competition at both Element K and Serebra before signing up to receive your Unlimited Training Library and Referenceware. The thing that sold me on CBT Direct was the access I received to your full range of courses.
Thanks Again,
Lem Davis

Thanks for Excellent Product!
I have used several different types of training software before, but they all fell short of my goals. With CBT Direct’s training, I’ve found a way to get the IT knowledge that I need. Your course has allowed me to take my certification exams with the confidence that I have done all I can to prepare for them. Your course is easy to follow and provides practice tests to check my knowledge and progress – these practice tests helped me get over the fear of the test to come! Thank you for an excellent product and thank you for standing behind it with a firm reputation.
Take Care,
Jerry Peterson

Unbeatable Training
Certification tests aren't the point, just as taking a test isn't the point. You aren't getting a degree. You're running a company. The point is mastering material, and mastering it to the extent that you feel confident that you can accomplish the tasks required of you when you are back on the job. That's what we get from your courses - it's what makes them unbeatable.
Jim Rodgers,
Technology Implementation Manager,
Lucent Technologies

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CBT Direct’s ITPro™ has actually helped me land a contract.

This email is to let you know that CBT Direct’s ITPro™ Referenceware Library has actually helped me land a contract. It is one of the most profitable contracts we have had since this depression hit.

I started the contract not knowing anything about any of the Linux products (Red Hat, Centos, Fedora, etc.)

Now I am the administrator of several Linux type systems and am in the process of converting an old server (Pentium II) from a very old BSD version of Linux on to a new server with the latest BSD version of Linux. There are many shell scripts that have to be converted and I knew nothing about shell scripts before, but thanks to the other products you have, I was able to learn shell scripting and can now do the conversion.

I believe that the products that you have are the most up-to-date and the most useful of any other service. I have used other companies’ services and they just do not stand up to what you have to offer. You have a great package; keep up the great work!

Lee Wrede
Consultant4Hire, Inc

I highly recommend CBT Direct!
I was in need for some technical certifications, but unsure of how I was going to go about doing it. Then, I found CBT Direct's website. Their website is very easy to use - extremely effective and efficient. I took a short test and was contacted within the next day. From the beginning of the phone call, I felt I was in good hands. Not only did they want me to get the education and certifications I needed, but my mentor was very interested in my personal situation and was extremely helpful and informative. The whole process of getting started was very simple and pleasant. And now, I'm enjoying everything that CBT Direct has to offer and everything they have done for me, which quite frankly is a lot. If you're looking for some quality education and for help every step of the way, I highly recommend CBT Direct.
Thank you very much, CBT Direct!
Kevin Sweigart

Medical Coder Testimonial
I was in the medical coding field for 17 years and wanted to become a Certified Professional Coder (CPC). I took your online class for coding, took the exam, and passed it. I am actually going to take it a step further, and take the test to be a Certified Professional Coder-Payer (CPC-P), as well. YEAAHHH.
Thanks for your help.
Donna Jones

Sun Solaris
I just wanted to let you know I passed my SUN SOLARIS System Administration certification Part 1 and Part 2 exams last week. Currently, I’m studying for the CompTIA Security+ exam. I’ll be looking for more certification training in the future.
Thanks again,
Dave Canlas
SUN Solaris system admin certified.

Thanks for Oracle Courses
Dear CBT Direct:
I’ve enjoyed training with CBT Direct’s Oracle courses. It has been the best investment in training that I have made! I successfully completed the first Oracle exam without having to buy any extra testing materials.
Thank you for your help. Keep up the good work.
Warm Regards,
Javaid Ashraf

CBT Direct #1 for Oracle Training!
I am extremely happy with CBT Direct's Oracle training course. I took the Introduction to PL/SQL Oracle exam after studying with your course and answered 54 out of 57 questions correctly!
I achieved this high score because of CBT Direct's great training course. You are definitely #1 when it comes to training for Oracle. I plan to continue studying with your courses until I meet all of my certification goals.
Prosper Dogbatse

CBT Direct's Lotus Course
Wow! This CBT Direct Lotus Notes CLP Developer training course is so much better that I expected! I have looked at other training programs and their curriculum is much like "Cliff's Notes". But CBT Direct's training covers everything imaginable, and it covers every topic in amazing detail. I have been developing in the Lotus Notes environment for over six years, and in every section I have learned something new!
Scott Spencer

A Great Solution
“We recently signed up for a CBT Direct training account and, I must say, it has been fantastic. Our company has been searching for a training solution for some time now that leverages the internet with interactive hands-on training and we finally found it with CBT Direct. The training is easy to access and offers a “drag and drop” interface to quickly create a personalized training plan. Thanks, CBT Direct, for a great solution!”
Jeff Norberg
Senior SharePoint Consultant
Competitive Innovations, LLC

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